Software Delivery

Get it right, first time

The majority of what we do for customers is delivering software outcomes. Owning the delivery for you, or helping you deliver.

Drive Outcomes

Deliver impactful results through software development.

Our approach defines success, sets up effective delivery, and supports change. We adapt, and improve to drive efficiency and effectiveness with a business-focused team.

Our team provides a cost-effective alternative to expensive contractors, our experience drives success.

Cloud-Native Delivery

With years of experience managing platforms, we use top-notch tools to ensure resiliency and recovery.

We monitor key business metrics, understanding the impact of performance and security events.

Harness the power of contemporary software deliver with Practiv's tried and true patterns and processes.

Continued Partnership

From one-off engagements to long-term collaborations, we tailor our services to meet your needs and fuel your growth.

Practiv will stand-by and support your application, platform, and team for years to come. We prefer fruitful long-term relationships where we continue to provide value, and you continue to choose us.
What we do

We work with you to deliver software that achieves your business outcomes

We take full ownership of outcomes — from Business Architecture, through Product Management, Software Delivery, to Managed Services and Support.

Or we work with you to help you on your Software Delivery journey. We can use our Cloud Acceleration Framework, as a whole or in part, to get you and your teams delivering efficiently, consistently, and securely.

In both cases we remain focused on your Why, which usually boils down to a business change that supports your next engagement with your customers.

The How is captured in our documentation. We intentionally wrote them, curated them and hoisted them online to make it easy for your team to get on board with delivering business value, fast. And dispel legitimate concerns about vendor lock-in, or a black-box approach.

The What, we figure out together. Once we’ve identified your business need, we can work together to deliver an amazing software outcome that achieves your Why.
20 years experience and hundreds of projects delivered

We've figured out things that work,
and some things that don't.

An informed view on how to deliver

The Practiv teams brings together a wide range of experience that we distill into a balanced set of delivery principles — the team includes architects, UX and product designers, software developers, security and infrastructure engineers working in competitive, regulated, secure environments.

We can augment your team or run alongside; work on site or off; and we love new problems to solve.

We have an opinionated view of how to deliver change, from design, to running in production. In a good way.

When we own the delivery of a software platform for customers we establish consistent patterns in the first few weeks, then get on with delivering outcomes.


Your technical teams have their own experience, they know your domain, and your context.

If asked to help your organisation accelerate delivery, we’ll first make sure we understand your culture, your people, and the tooling you’re comfortable with. We tailor the implementation to your environment, your context.

We can tailor our Cloud Acceleration Framework as a whole — or in part — to your environment and talk you through the rationale behind each component. Ultimately it is founded on open source software you’ll already be familiar with.


We’re confident deploying a fully working Cloud Acceleration Framework in weeks. We’re equally confident deploying it for you and training you on the patterns and processes over the course of months, then letting you take control.

Let your teams focus on your business objectives, delivering value to your customers in the domains they already understand better than anyone, and let us solve the stuff that distracts them and slows down that momentum your customers want to see. We offer support for our products long term at a fraction the cost to stand up your own teams to do the same.

The majority of what we do for customers is delivering software outcomes.

Outsourced delivery

Let us manage end-to-end delivery of your next project. If you've got budget, not headcount, or you need an injection of contemporary development processes, Practiv will stand up a delivery team, and deliver you an outcome using cloud-native continuous deployment, then hand you the result.

Our hybrid approach

We're comfortable working within your existing applications and architecture to deliver a new platform, product, or feature. If you're already operating at a high level, our team will fit right in. If you'd like help to deliver faster, Practiv will lean in.

Resource augmentation

We often provide individuals and full-time teams to enterprise customers who have large deliverables to achieve in a fixed time frame. Our rate-card offers discounts for term-commitment, and team size.

App Modernisation

Our senior engineers have a lot of war-wounds from their time with legacy technology. Luckily that means they understand it, and take great joy in modernising legacy applications. With new interfaces, containerisation, continuous deployment that may not have existed in the past.
Tier 2 Support

Let us handle the plumbing, while you focus on customers

Not every business needs to manage its build and deployment pipelines, and infrastructure. Practiv has productised our approach to delivery in our Cloud Acceleration Framework. We can hand your team a secure, working pipeline and environment and manage it for you so your core team is entirely focused on your business outcomes.

Cloud Acceleration Framework

Practiv’s Acceleration Framework aims to measure what matters, focus on efficient delivery, avoid constraints on new projects, and de-risk constraints in established organisations.
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Managed CI / CD

Our managed Continuous Integration and Deployment pipelines establish best-practice software deliver patterns and processes. Entirely GitOps driven, developers have full [well-governed] control of their running applications, even in highly regulated environments. Push to production hourly, not quarterly.

Managed Application Runtimes and Platform Hygiene

We will take a Tier 2 support role in running and maintaining software platforms for you in a cloud-native, highly-available way.

And our upstream artefact repositories provide an assured security posture.

Security & Governance

Leverage Practiv's ISO27001:2022 and SOC2 Level II policies and processes to run your environments. If you're a fintech just starting up, an enterprise Insurance company, or holding significant PII, Practiv will stand by the security and governance of delivered application environments.

Get it right first time, with a bit of preparation

As the saying goes "If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four hours sharpening the axe..." Getting delivery right can take experience and thinking, without adding undue process. Our cross-functional team can break customer requirements down to UX, flows, and systems to get things right first time.

Enterprise & Solutions Architecture

Our senior enterprise and solutions architects bring a contemporary approach to software delivery, with the rigour of TOGAF and ITIL frameworks. Every architect at Practiv has spent over a decade as senior and lead engineer, so they have a clear understanding of delivery.

Delivery & Product Leadership

Practiv practices product-led thinking and delivery. That is user-focused, experience driven, and technology that supports your customer stories. Our delivery teams are experienced managing projects, timelines, and stakeholders. We "go fast and don't break things."

Experience and Interface Design

From design-sprints to UX and UI, Practiv delivers contemporary cloud-native, mobile-first user experiences that harness the power of your technology platforms and drive revenue. From startups to regulated enterprises.

Sizing and Scoping Delivery

Our technical team can work through business requirements with you, and help build a "rough grained" budget for initial approval. We can then get into the "medium grained" detail and work through phases of a project, and finally fine-tune delivery with cycle-level prediction of delivery velocity.
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Tailored Industry Solutions

Unlocking organisations' competitive advantage across a range of industries.









Don’t take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.
" We partnered with Practiv in 2017 to revamp our developer practices, and enhance our approach to building applications on our cloud infrastructure.

Practiv played a pivotal role in elevating our DevOps practices, so we could concentrate on building a robust Data & Analytics framework that serves as the foundation for our reporting & analytics needs. "
Public financial services company
" The Practiv team worked closely with our business to gain deep insights and form an understanding of our data & digital requirements.

Partnering with Practiv, we implemented a modern data & analytics platform which has enabled real-time predictive analytics across our core business. "
Media agency