Business Insight

We seek to learn about your business, to understand the context of a project

By building that depth of understanding we can have meaningful conversations that ensure any technology delivery is focused on the business value you're trying to deliver.

Getting to know each other

Senior consultants seek to truly understand your business so any solution we're helping deliver is contextual, and focused.


Bringing in the wider team and running sessions drives alignment, and Velocity Made Good (VMG), our measure of speed together in the same direction.

Defining success

Our strong focus on Data and Analytics comes into play as we establish the metrics we want to turn during delivery, measure them, and watch our work create positive impact.

Proofs of concept

We often suggest 'launching a speedboat' over 'steering a containership with an oar'. That is to say let's launch a small, composable proof that our thesis is reasonable, and de-risks delivery. Also a good point to report back to stakeholders.


With a strong plan in place, the majority of what we do is delivering software, data and analytics outcomes for customers. Our tried and true patterns and processes help assure the desired outcome.

Feedback loops and support

Having established metrics for success, and measuring them, a strong feedback loop, and continued support of the business objective helps  measure the value we're delivering together.
Our process
Man working at desk

“If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.”

— Abraham Lincoln

We 'right size' our approach, we're comfortable from one-day workshops, to multi-year engagements. We t-shirt size a project, platform, and relationship and ensure we address need you're trying to fill.

From getting in and rolling up our sleeves in a strategy session for a startup, to helping develop a new line of business for an enterprise customer, our nimble approach stays the same. Really the only difference is scale.

High level workshops

From business thesis to execution

Technology Strategy

Unify founders, tech teams, and investors with an agreed-upon roadmap, direction and resourcing plan.

Embed the plan across business units to get them swimming in the same direction.

Cloud Migration Strategy

Plan a true cloud migration, that unlocks data, insights and business agility.

App modernisation and refactoring allows you to change and scale, fast.


Define current, transition and future states,  to enable modernisation and rationalisation of platforms in the move to the cloud.

Select best-practice, cloud-native solutions technologies.
Startup-specific approaches

Digital-native technology strategies

‘Virtual CTO’ advice that saves time and money

Everything from technology selection, to hiring your team.

Unlock your potential with seasoned expertise in technology strategy, team building, and roadmap planning.

We make a great sounding-board to guide decisions that drive growth and innovation.

Stay maniacally focused on delivering customer value

Context switching and being ‘all things to all people’ kills startups.

Stay focused on your customers, product market fit, and growth, while we set the appropriate patterns up in the background, and keep things humming.

Whenever you’re ready to bring things in-house, we hand ‘em over.


Architecture that scales, without over-cooking it.
Avoid dead-ends and “batmobiles” 🏎️

With experience, we’ve been forced to think about whether a technology that’s hot today, will be serious tech-debt in three years time.

Let’s build a skateboard today, that’s nimble, and appropriate. You probably don’t need a batmobile, yet.
Technology deep-dives

Make the most of hyper-scale

Cloud fundamentals

Account setup, folders and projects; through networking, security and performance; to monitoring, logging and audit; analogous services to other cloud vendors.

Agenda tailored to customer, aligns to standard AWS and GCP methodologies.

Building cloud-native software

How to build software fast.

Continuous Delivery and Deployment, using serverless, and containers to deliver software fast. Fully functioning and deployable demonstration.

Leverage industry-leading tools to implement efficient patterns, robust security, and effective governance

Running at hyper-scale

How to run cloud-native software.

Utilise design patterns, infrastructure as code, and agile processes to fuel startup growth and innovation.

Explore core topics such as security, networking, and monitoring with AWS and GCP services, tailored to meet the unique needs and pace of ambitious teams.

Digital-native migration

Engage with technical specialists for a deeper dive into cloud-specific services like Security, Networking, and technologies such as Kubernetes, and serverless. Discover the efficiencies gained by leveraging PaaS services.

Outcome: A high-level document and an agreed-upon approach to a Proof of Concept (PoC).


From dedicated hardware to internet-facing consumer experiences, explore best-practice implementation of security for your applications.

Outcome: Confidence in the methods and controls for securing applications, ensuring robust protection that surpasses traditional approaches.


Learn how to efficiently manage cloud resources and services to get the most value from your cloud investment. Uncover strategies for cost monitoring, analysis, and optimisation.

Outcome: A clear understanding of cost-effective solutions that empower you grow without breaking the bank.
Our Cloud Acceleration Framework

Deliver software right, first time

Seamless CI / CD

Focus on what matters: efficient delivery, overcoming constraints, and mitigating risks while fostering innovation.

Developed by our close-knit team, our framework ensures a seamless, cutting-edge engineering experience

Jumpstart application development

Our Cloud Acceleration Framework encompasses Design, Build, Run, and Infrastructure elements, enabling world-class pipelines, environments, patterns, and processes in just weeks.

Keep your teams aligned with business outcomes, and outpace competitors with ease as you grow

Configurable, scalable components

Our modular approach offers a wealth of components, ready to integrate with existing tools and talent, or launch new tech rapidly.

Catering to greenfield proofs of concept or refactoring applications for cloud-native deployment, our framework provides the flexibility and speed your project needs to thrive.
Software delivery Minimum Viable Products

Let us deliver digital-native plumbing to help your team deliver, fast

We've been known to stand up a full delivery pipeline from code repository to production for regulated industries in 4 weeks vs. 4 years of continued deliver-distraction.

Software delivery MVPs

Practiv will deliver functioning application development patterns MVP for a consumer facing or internal software delivery project.

A foundation on which any business outcomes can be delivered.

Appropriate architecture, product and project planning required between MVP
and any full delivery project.

Functioning CI/CD MVPs

Implement best practice build pipelines, deployed and ready to be tailored to specific pipeline requirements over subsequent weeks.

Usually starts with an implementation of a Build pipeline, utilising well-known tools (for example GitLab, GitHub Actions, ECR, and GAR).

Run Platform MVPs

Functioning environment MVPs.

Design and framework for infrastructure, including market-tested patterns and processes to drive business transformation.

Covers core topics such as security, networking, and monitoring, with an in-depth focus on requirements and cloud-specific implementations for agile engineering teams.
Outcomes Delivered

Ultimately, we're all about helping you deliver to your customers

Achieving Business Outcomes

Deliver impactful results through software development.

Our approach defines success, sets up effective delivery, and supports change. We adapt, and improve to drive efficiency and effectiveness with a business-focused team.

Our team provides a cost-effective alternative to expensive independent-contractors, our experience drives success.

Managed Services

Security and Support of your application.

With years of experience managing platforms, we use top-notch tools to ensure resiliency and recovery.

We monitor key business metrics, understanding the impact of performance and security events.

Continued Partnership

Supporting your team for ongoing iteration and growth.

From one-off engagements to long-term collaborations, we tailor our services to meet your needs and fuel your project's growth.

Tailored Industry Solutions

Unlocking organisations' competitive advantage across a range of industries.









Don’t take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.
" We partnered with Practiv in 2017 to revamp our developer practices, and enhance our approach to building applications on our cloud infrastructure.

Practiv played a pivotal role in elevating our DevOps practices, so we could concentrate on building a robust Data & Analytics framework that serves as the foundation for our reporting & analytics needs. "
Public financial services company
" The Practiv team worked closely with our business to gain deep insights and form an understanding of our data & digital requirements.

Partnering with Practiv, we implemented a modern data & analytics platform which has enabled real-time predictive analytics across our core business. "
Media agency