Business Online Banking

Practiv has long-standing relationships with our biggest customers in New Zealand.
When one needed a full technology platform shift for their business internet banking, Practiv's delivery track-record stood out as a trusted partner to deliver.

Before we helped out the programme had a number of false starts. The internal team is awesome and motivated, but they didn't have access to the tools to succeed. The business made a bold move to take the most contemporary approach allowable within strict governance and controls.

Practiv's Cloud Acceleration Framework helped the customer completely reimagine delivery in a cloud-native way, a first for the company. Practiv continues to resource and provide support and maintenance to the team, and the platform. And further engagements in other areas of the business.

We provided resourcing teams from architecture, to software delivery, testing, and cloud managed services over years to deliver this highly complex outcome.

The result has been the most successful, consistent delivery to production of any platform in the customer's portfolio, and a model for wider delivery. The customer will be able to shut down three older platforms, and deliver on its promise to the Reserve Bank for structural separation.
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