Spark software delivery

Spark needed to manage a complex systems integration project across a number of vendors and teams — then create a delivery structure that worked across them. They asked Practiv to consult on delivery patterns to suit their unique requirements.

Often Spark needs to scale its delivery team, using vendors for larger projects, which adds a level of complexity to delivery. Practiv delivered:

  • Build Pipeline — Practiv recommended a plan based on a series of 20-day development sprints followed by 10-day integration sprints, thus allowing each development team to build their own code in isolation before combining with the other teams during the integration sprints. At the end of each integration phase the completed code was moved to a test phase, and the main code branched before the next development sprint was started, and the process repeated.
  • Software Delivery — After an initially small involvement in projects, the client passed more responsibility to Practiv, drawing on our experience to improve their delivery capability.
  • Teaming Arrangement — Practiv provided a number of scrum teams to work on Spark projects, including project management, architecture, analysis, design, development and QA/testing.

While Spark has its own teams to deliver software, the company often reaches out to Practiv when there’s a need to scale, be that one resource at a time, or whole scrum teams.

With the help of Practiv people, process and patterns, Spark delivered a number of large, complex projects on time, and ahead of budget.

Spark is New Zealand's largest telco, with a Systems Integration arm that drives outcomes for tens of thousands of businesses.