Our approach drives business outcomes

We quantify business opportunities, define technology solutions, and deliver outcomes that drive business value.

Business context first

We're driven to understand a problem within the context of the business, which makes for better technology solutions and business outcomes.

Process assures delivery

With hundreds of enterprise-scale projects under our belt, our structured process minimises risk through during delivery.

Patterns drive efficiency

We use the right technology in a rational way, preferring modern patterns that increase interoperability and avoid ecosystem lock-in.
Why we do what we do

Great people love working with great people, on great projects

Our team love getting to know your business, its processes and opportunities. We solve challenges for you by identifying ways software may drive faster adoption, more efficient process, and wire new and existing systems together so you can continue to do what you do well.

Go home every day pumped!

We believe technology should be delivered in a way every team member can go home, every day, feeling accomplished, like they've delivered something, and they're proud of it.

The best people need great projects

Projects they believe in, that'll make an impact. We match the right people to the right projects, to ensure there's velocity and momentum.

Celebrate the wins!

Our rapid-delivery approach gets runs on the board early, and delivers incremental business value fast, consistently, and often. That's worth celebrating!
By Stage

Our team helps startups consider scale, and infuses agility into enterprise and government

The team enjoys cycling between different stage projects to stay fresh, nimble and focused.


Practiv's core team have started many businesses and understand ideating a new thought on the smell-of-an-oily rag, through to full-scale up action-stations.


Practiv balances budget, delivery velocity, and governance for many corporate customers. Often helping with contemporary delivery methodology for teams who don't have all the in-house capability they'd like.


We're very well versed in enterprise governance, stakeholder management, budget and procurement processes. Our process helps navigate the full enterprise software delivery lifecycle.


Experienced team members on tap help deliver your project on time, and on budget. With resourcing models from outsourced project-delivery, to teaming contracts.

The right tools for the job

Our principal consultants evaluate hundreds of vendors over years and pick contemporary industry leaders that are ready for showtime, not on a legacy glide-slope. When we use them a lot we partner to ensure best-practice implementation and support for your project.
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Databricks combines data warehouses & data lakes into a lakehouse architecture.
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Snowflake Data Cloud delivers the speed, concurrency & extensibility necessary to develop & run modern data applications.
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Amazon Web Services

Reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services.
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Automated data movement platform moving data out of, into and across your cloud data platforms.
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Intuitive, collaborative platform that lets you reliably transform data using SQL and Python.
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Google Cloud

Meet your business challenges head on with cloud computing services from Google.

Certified to deliver

An experienced team with the highest industry accreditations to back it up.
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Tailored Industry Solutions

Unlocking organisations' competitive advantage across a range of industries.


Forecast demand patterns, optimise inventory management, and personalise customer experiences. Predictive Analytics can help analyse customer behaviour, recommend products, and automate pricing strategies.


Data and Analytics can help to improve patient outcomes and optimise healthcare operations. Predictive modelling can help identify patients at risk of specific diseases, optimise resource allocation, and enhance clinical decision-making through pattern recognition in medical imaging.


Fraud detection systems, credit risk models, and algorithmic trading strategies can be achieved through analysing large volumes of financial data, patterns and anomalies can be identified to mitigate risks and make informed investment decisions.


Predictive maintenance can reduce equipment downtime and optimise production processes. By analysing sensor data and historical maintenance records, organisations can identify potential equipment failures in advance and schedule maintenance activities accordingly.

Energy and Utilities

Advanced Analytics plays a key role in optimising energy consumption, improving grid management, and predicting equipment failures. It can also help to identify energy consumption patterns to optimise power generation and distribution, and help to predict equipment failures to prevent costly downtime.

Transportation and Logistics

Route optimisation, planning, fleet management, and supply chain operations can be enhanced by analysing historical data and real-time inputs to identify optimal delivery routes, minimise fuel consumption, and enhance logistics efficiency.


Big data can enable the analysis of customer behaviour, improve network performance, and optimise service offerings. Predictive analytics can help identify potential churn, enabling proactive retention strategies, while machine learning can optimise network capacity allocation to improve service quality.

Media and Advertising

By analysing customer data and market trends, media and advertising agencies can provide their customers personalised marketing campaigns, target specific customer segments, and optimise advertising spend. Advanced Analytics can assist in customer segmentation, sentiment analysis, and recommendation systems.