Focus on delivering value to customers immediately

We talk about delivery, value, and customers a lot because we’ve seen how inefficient a team that is constrained by process, culture, or technology can become.

Our Framework measures what matters, focuses on efficient delivery, avoids constraints on new projects, and de-risks constraints in established organisations.
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How we deliver

One Cloud Acceleration Framework

Practiv’s Acceleration Framework aims to measure what matters, focus on efficient delivery, avoid constraints on new projects, and de-risk constraints in established organisations.

We've baked our experience into scalable, repeatable solutions that get your project going fast. From MVP to enterprise grade financial services governance and security, on cloud, and on premesis.

We have continuously improved our products based on feedback from customers like you. We’re proud to license and deploy our Acceleration Framework in part, or as a whole, as the backbone of many successful customer outcomes, and their ongoing management.

Five Products

The Cloud Acceleration Framework includes our Develop, Build, Run, and Infrastructure Products. They establish world-class pipelines, environments, patterns and processes in a matter of weeks, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It also includes our Digital Platform, a pre-defined set of services we can deploy quickly to build cloud-native APIs and compose software in a secure, scalable, repeatable way.

Our Products help your developers focus on customers, and work that gives your business the greatest bang-for-buck.

Hundreds of Components

The Cloud Acceleration Framework Products include nearly four hundred Tools and Components, developed to support our own projects for customers that we tailor to your context. From green-fields proofs of concept, to refactoring large legacy applications to be cloud native in highly regulated industries. We can get you there, fast.

Every project is different, but scalable, repeatable patterns across projects help us create consistency, and conventions that get our whole delivery team on the same page fast.

Context beats convention

Our patterns and processes, our components and tools, are conventions that solve many of the problems you encounter when starting and scaling a development team. We’ve solved common problem using common software, to get you started without having to re-invent the wheel.

In saying that, your unique context is important. We want the territory to feel familiar, so our patterns and processes fit in with a wide range of tooling, services, and structures your teams are already familiar with. We want to enhance, not overlap your existing capability, and we want to augment your business where you can leverage our experience and products.

Focused on delivery

Delivering great outcomes starts by agreeing the metrics we’re going to turn, and how we’re going to turn them. This helps us truly understand the business problem we’re trying to solve. With that done, we can agree what success looks like; focus, and ruthlessly prioritise work.

Delivery cures all ills

Having a product in production, shipping change to it weekly — if not daily — gives the team the right sense of accomplishment, and helps us on the most important thing: delivering value to customers.

Teams that understand their Why go home each day knowing they’ve achieved something in their day. When we’re motivated by the right outcomes, we’re less likely to over-engineer things.

“MVP” doesn’t need qualification

We believe in having a production environment live, fast, and delivering small incremental change often. “MVP” is not a destination, it’s a small milestone on a longer journey, it represents the least work we can do before we’re suitably embarrassed bringing customer #1 on board to start our metric-driven feedback loop as early as possible. You don’t need a “skinny” MVP or an “MMVP”.
Practiv Develop

Local developer tooling to keep you in the zone

Shorter cycle time for software engineers - allows them to remain focussed on the customer problem, not the stack
Reduce the barrier of entry to a full stack on your local machine
Provides you with a more realistic scenario for testing software
Edit code in your IDE, have it rebuild live, and immediately interact with the running services around it
With any cloud deployment and shift towards micro service architecture comes more complexity for developers, and a complex local development environment.

Practiv Develop is a local environment for your teams delivering unparalleled consistency for developers, allowing them to rapidly iterate in a production like environment, right on their local machine. Your teams will spend less time hitting your test environments before they encounter issues, and more time with their head in the game, focussed on your customer problems. The Practiv Develop is a developer experience driven, Kubernetes native development platform that brings synergy with Build & Run.

Practiv Develop bridges the gap between development and production, and promotes a development experience where the first real end-to-end test of a piece of code is in a self-contained environment running completely locally.
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Practiv Build

Build once, deploy anywhere.

Get started with best practices and performing Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) in days rather than months with Practiv Build.
Clear CI/CD pipelines that deliver consistent, stable change through environments
Your developers focus on your business problems, increasing time on customer value
The lightest people process possible, quality, security, and governance gates built in
Proven to work in highly regulated industries
Get started with best practice Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) in days rather than months with Practiv Build.

From day one, we want you to have clear CI/CD pipelines that deliver stable and consistent change through your environments. Practiv Build brings a wealth of experience to delivery, using standard tools your developers know and love, and manages the configuration and maintenance of them so they can focus on the business problems that are holding you back from your market.

We emphasise a low touch people process, observability so you understand what/s happening, and optional world-class security for highly regulated industries.
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Practiv Run

How we compose Applications and Products in Environments

Teams introducing change as they scale introduce complexity. Developers prefer to break large applications into micro services to focus on one business domain at a time, but running those services in different environments can be complex.

Orchestrating Containers using Kubernetes is a powerful pattern to run micro services. But with great power comes great responsibility. Service orchestration is not something you want to learn from scratch, as it distracts your teams from delivering business value.

Practiv Run injects your business with years of Kubernetes management experience in days. Cloud Vendor agnostic, Practiv Run takes the complexity out of your services, allowing you to make decisions quickly, and trust you’ll get a a consistent outcome whether running on one or many cloud providers.

Your software, running smoothly

Our Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team has deployed hundreds of environments.

We have established infrastructure-as-code patterns to kick-start small environments right, first time, then scale them to be globally fault tolerant and secure, including highly regulated industries.

We’re comfortable standing behind your team in a Tier 2 support model for both the infrastructure and the applications we deliver with you, or leading with Tier 1.