GCP Foundations

A Practiv industry best-practice solution
An Enterprise Cloud Landing Zone (ELZ) on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides a secure, scalable, and well-governed environment for enterprise workloads.

When designing an ELZ, it is important to consider the organisation’s unique business needs and governance requirements. We work closely with organisations to design and implement an organisational hierarchy and project structure that meets their specific needs. By leveraging GCP’s hierarchical resource organisation, we establish separate projects for different business units, projects, or environments. This allows for effective isolation and control over resources.

Security and compliance are paramount in our ELZ solutions. We implement industry best practices and robust security controls across GCP projects. By employing strong Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies, multi-factor authentication (MFA), centralised logging, monitoring, and encryption mechanisms, we ensure a secure environment. Compliance with relevant standards and regulations is achieved through the use of GCP Security Command Center, Cloud Audit Logging, and other security features.

A scalable and secure network architecture is at the core of our ELZ solutions. We leverage GCP’s networking services, including Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), subnets, and firewall rules, to design a robust network infrastructure. Connectivity options such as Cloud VPN or Dedicated Interconnect are established to securely connect the ELZ with on-premises environments or other networks, meeting the organisation’s security and connectivity requirements.

Efficient management of user access and permissions across GCP projects is a key focus. We leverage GCP’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) capabilities to define roles and policies based on the principle of least privilege. Through seamless integration with corporate identity systems, we enable smooth user management and Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities within the ELZ.

Embracing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) practices, we provision and manage resources within the ELZ on GCP. By utilising tools such as Google Cloud Deployment Manager or HashiCorp Terraform, we define and deploy infrastructure resources consistently. This approach ensures reproducibility, version control, and automation, leading to a reliable and scalable ELZ environment.

We empower organisations to establish effective governance policies within the ELZ, optimising costs and resource management. Enforcing tagging standards, budget controls, and usage policies across GCP projects, we assist in maintaining cost efficiency. Utilising tools like Google Cloud Billing, we monitor costs, analyse usage patterns, and optimise resource utilisation within the ELZ.

Operational excellence is a key pillar of our ELZ solutions. We implement robust monitoring, logging, and alerting practices to ensure visibility into infrastructure, application, and security-related events. By utilising tools such as Google Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Logging, and other monitoring solutions, we enable proactive management and establish automated backups, disaster recovery plans, and high availability configurations within the ELZ.

Automation and DevOps principles are central to our approach in streamlining deployments within the ELZ. Leveraging tools like Google Cloud Build, Google Cloud Deployment Manager, or other CI/CD solutions, we establish efficient application deployment pipelines. We promote the adoption of containerization and serverless computing to facilitate scalable and efficient workload deployments within the ELZ.

We provide comprehensive training and support resources to empower organisations in maximising the benefits of their ELZ on GCP. Our offerings include documentation, training materials, and access to GCP support services. By fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration within the organisation’s GCP community, we enable teams to effectively leverage the ELZ and drive success.

Partnering with Practiv ensures organisations gain access to our expertise in delivering ELZ solutions on Google Cloud Platform. Together, we create a secure, scalable, and well-governed environment for enterprise workloads, driving successful outcomes.