Consumer insurance in the cloud

The customer delivered it’s first cloud-based consumer-facing service in record time, and gained valuable patterns and processes to repeat the delivery time and time again.
Practiv owned the outcome from start to finish, from securely building and running software, to a focus on consumer experience and tight integration with bank infrastructure.

With so many market changes and regulatory requirements facing banks, they don’t get to spend enough time focussing internal development teams on revenue generating consumer experiences. Retail banks are the largest channel for insurance companies due to their “trusted financial advisor” relationship with consumers.

The bank wanted to use available project budget to deliver an example of what was possible with 3rd party cloud-based delivery. It engaged Practiv to stand up secure managed cloud infrastructure, build the technology platform, and consumer experience implementations. Our delivery included:

Business Insight
  • Business Objectives — We used our domain experience to validate the business objectives, the return on investment of selling insurance online, and right-sizing the technical project. We then focussed on creating an amazing consumer experience
  • Architecture — Determining the least-cost and least-disruptive integration into existing business processes to steer clear of any need for systems change
  • Project Methodology — Contemporary agile, product priority-focussed delivery, managing stakeholders through that change
Practiv Build
  • Build Pipeline — Practiv’s Continuous Integration, Testing and Delivery environments and patterns using industry-standard tools like Github Enterprise, Jenkins and Nexus
  • A Focus on Security — Using Practiv’s financial services security patterns to ensure code is signed, reviewed and scanned at all stages of delivery
  • Outcome Ownership — Practiv owned the project from architecture to outcome on a budgeted Time and Materials basis
  • Software Delivery — End to end delivery of the software, using well composed single-page micro front-ends and back-ends with best practice lifecycle management, and an ability to release fast and often into the future
Practiv Run
  • Run Platform — Practiv’s enterprise-scale, containerised deployment model down to managed infrastructure, providing isolation of environments and independent management of each micro-service
  • Secure Managed Cloud Infrastructure — Practiv manages the customer’s cloud infrastructure, meeting the most strict financial services regulations and certifications. We worked with the customer’s architecture and security teams to deliver within specific security, regulatory and privacy constraints
  • Long term support — 24x7 response to any change in application, container or server performance
The project was the first of many, the bank is now capable of taking entirely new products to market, fast, with a nimble cloud-based delivery platform
Customer Embargoed