Keeping the world's best SaaS accounting provider productive during migration

The customer asked Practiv to help plan the migration of its source code from Rackspace to AWS, and execute the move.
The seamless migration delivered continuity for it’s engineering teams.

With hundreds of scrum teams working day and night around the world, the customer’s crown jewels — its source code — needed to move from Rackspace to AWS. The code resided in a number of GitHub Enterprise instances, the same software Apple, Adobe and many other great companies trust.

Practiv architected the new environment, clustering and fault tolerance, user, configuration and data migration, backup and restoration plans. We helped the customer’s own team execute a step-by-step migration plan over the course of a number of weeks.

With the new environment, we implemented GitHub and AWS best-practices, and the customer hit its aggressive restoration point and time objectives.

Every 15 minutes the customer’s source code is securely backed up, synced and restored in multiple data centres around the world, with the latest commit hash matched against master to ensure consistency.

Our world-class teams worked together to share experience, patterns and processes that assured the success of the project.

Customer Embargoed
The customer is New Zealand’s greatest software export with a market cap of ~$18bn. With strong growth, and focus on software innovation long into the future, the customer migrated its Software as a Service platform to Amazon Web Services (AWS).