Idea to Install with Sigma

Sigma Systems is the pioneer in catalog-driven Idea-to-Install products for communication, media and high tech companies. The company's BSS/OSS product portfolio spans cloud brokerage, product & service catalog, configure price quote, order management, service provisioning, service inventory and device management. More...

Our Skills and Approach

Our skills are many and varied. Our technical capability is broad; proven through complex integration, automation, and optimisation systems.  We have a 15 year track record of programme management across retail finance, insurance, telco, energy, aviation and government. These sectors are our forte, we are leading thinking for operational strategy, and delivering it.

What matters to our customers is the value we bring as a partner to their organisation. We are most successful in collaboration with forward thinking businesses that aspire to be top of their sector with market leading product, service, and a culture of continuous improvement. We bring our skills, in partnership with our customers, to deliver improvments in service and efficiency using IT as an effective core of business change.