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Rollbase Rapid Application Development


Struggling to keep up? User expectations rising? 
More and more demands from the business?

In conjunction with Progress Practiv have Just Launched Rapid Application Development in the cloud to NZ – Seriously fast delivery for a more responsive, agile business and its hosted here in NZ.

Rollbase is the proven RAD tool designed to meet these growing challenges. It gives you everything you need to assemble, deploy, and manage mobile and cloud-based business applications—from CRM to Workflow to APIs to Connectors to Your On Premise Data.

Rollbase is simple, fast and flexible. You won't find a better approach to rapid application development.

Contact us today and we show you how you can get working business software built to your requirements in a fraction of the time it takes to build software in the traditional way. More Details...

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Today’s enterprise is driving harder than ever for increased effectiveness and agility in business operations. The management of business decisions is a critical means to achieving these goals. Whether you’re on-boarding new customers, processing claims, determining product configurations, or assessing program eligibility, your decisions are governed by a set of business rules. The ease with which you can capture, change and optimize these business rules either promotes or inhibits the agility of your organization. It also impacts the consistency, quality and speed of your decisions—which goes straight to your bottom line.

Organizations want to make better, faster decisions, and be agile enough to change on a dime. Many operational decisions are still made manually by trained employees following policies and best practices. Other decisions are automated by coding the decision logic into enterprise applications. Progress Corticon’s solutions are specifically designed to help companies manage decisions as enterprise assets, providing a disciplined approach to their automation and integration within enterprise systems. Contact us today for more information.