Equifax Digital Transformation

Equifax wanted to present a ground-up rebuild of its products, from a customer portal, to B2B APIs and Batch enquiries. The company has undertaken a wide-reaching Digital Transformation that has involved re-organising teams, getting closer to customers, a re-think of products, and technology to deliver at the pace expected by customers.

Practiv is helping Equifax unshackle its mainframe with contemporary containerised micro-services, we’re working to define business objectives, introduce contemporary patterns and processes, manage change, deliver software, and infrastructure outcomes.

How we helped

Practiv was engaged to lead green-fields delivery of a suite of APIs, to facilitate a contemporary Single Page App (SPA) design for their new customer portal, and integrate with a very guarded enterprise mainframe. Equifax engineers have a great deal of experience with their back-end mainframes, the algorithms to collect information and calculate risk, but not the delivery of contemporary portals and APIs. Delivering change at this scale required a number of important facets:

Business Insight
  • Business Objectives — Breaking delivery into over 70 requirements, each complex to have their own design (epic level)
  • Project Methodology — Sticking as closely to Agile as the business would allow, and managing stakeholders through that change
Practiv Build
  • Build Pipeline — Practiv’s Continuous Integration, Testing and Delivery environments and patterns
  • Teaming Arrangement — Teams of Practiv and Equifax resources mixed to delivery a number of concurrent epics
  • Software Delivery — Well defined, well tested, scalable APIs. A micro-services architecture with best practice lifecycle management, and an ability to release fast and often into the future
Practiv Run
  • Run Platform — Practiv’s enterprise-scale, containerised deployment model down to the operating system, providing isolation and independent management of each micro-service
  • On-premise Infrastructure — We worked Equifax’s global architecture teams to deliver within specific security, regulatory and privacy constraints (there are many, like not using cloud infrastructure). We architected a fresh security environment, networking, fire-walling, DNS, SSL, proxies and more
  • Long term support — 24x7 response to any change in application, container or server performance

More about Equifax

Equifax is the third largest consumer credit reporting agency in the United States, with operations in 14 countries.


Practiv will continue to deliver business change for Equifax and release new features to their customers in hours, not months. With the Equifax product team daring to dream, the backlog of exciting new products and revenue streams continues to grow.

The company is well positioned to help its customers make informed decisions in a time of rapid change.

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